Why I Love Me Tag

This award was created by ThoughtfulTash and I was nominated by BambooChewer, so thanks!! I think this is a great tag to do since it reminds us of what we have and not what we lack. This was difficult, but I managed to do it!


  1. Post the award on your blog
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  3. Leave a link to the original tag creator (ThoughtfulTash) to get a bit more info about WHY this tag has been made!
  4. Write 10 things you love about YOURSELF and WHY
  5. Nominate at least 5 other bloggers
  6. In the comments of the blog post, spread more self-love with compliments to each other! THE MORE LOVE THE BETTER!

Why I love me:

  • I’m independent: This is probably one of the things I’m most proud about. Around 4 years ago, I couldn’t say this about myself. It’s not bad to rely on others, but I got to a point where I realised that I needed to do things by myself. So I went out of my comfort zone and did things by myself such as going to the shops alone, getting a part-time job etc. This really helped me improve my confidence.
  • I’m curious about everything: I love discovering and learning new things about the world. I like to diversify myself and know a little about a lot of different things. This can be by listening to music of different languages, watching movies and TV shows from around the world etc. It opens my eyes to a lot of things and allows me to talk to a wide range of people.
  • I’m creative: leading on from my previous point, knowing about a wide range of things allows me to get my creative juices flowing. I’m not creative in terms of writing stories (but I do some poetry occasionally) or art, but more on the terms of musically. If you’ve followed my blog since last year, then you might remember the fact that I can play the piano. Despite being busy with college, I try to make time to learn a new song (I haven’t composed one of yet).
  • I’m ambidextrous: This is going WAY back to one my first posts when I talked about a special quality I had. Ambidexterity refers to being able to use both hands adeptly. I’m mostly right-handed but when I’m using scissors I use my left hand. This is completely unconscious, but when I dwell on it, it is one of the things that make me special so I love it. 
  • I over-think: Now this is sometimes said to be bad, but I kind of like it. Most of the time, I live in my head, playing unrealistic episodes over and over again. But sometimes over-thinking has its uses. Whenever I need to make big decisions, over-thinking allows me to carefully consider all the pros and cons of it. This then allows me to make a rational and logical decision.
  • I’m good at talking to people: If you’ve ever met me in real life, you would know that I hate awkward silences. I always laugh weirdly or make a comment just so the silence can pass. But, I’m coming to realise that I’m actually pretty good at engaging people in conversations. I know and want to share lots of things, so whenever a conversation runs dry, I know how to pick it up again by talking about something completely different i.e. about politics, school or a new joke.
  • My hair: One of my proudest achievements in my life is my hair. When I was younger, I had really short hair since my mum would always cut it off and I hated it. As I growing up, I’ve always wanted long hair. My hair is now very long (up to my waist) and very thick. It’s nice at times to receive compliments about it because I think if it wasn’t for my hair, there wouldn’t be many things to compliment me about :-P
  • I’m good at multi-tasking: During those rare moments when I’m actually concentrating and productive, I can multi-task really well. I think it’s a really good life skill to have since I can get lots of stuff done in a short space of time since I’m able to shift my concentration to different tasks.
  • I have a good sense of humor: I love cracking jokes and sometimes they can be so lame that I can make my friends cringe at times, but it’s nice to see them laugh regardless. I can be quite witty at times and I think that is quite cool. 
  • I’m self-aware: I was and still am a pretty insecure person. But what makes me different from who I was 5 years ago, was that now I able to identify these insecure thoughts and substitute them for positive ones. Of course, it doesn’t always work, but I’ve been doing some self-developmental work over the past year or so (blogging playing a huge part) and now I’m happy to be where I am right now. I have a long way to but it’s nice to know that I have made it this far. 

Wow, that was difficult. I really struggled thinking of 10 things that I love about myself. I had to ask some of my family members :-D 

I nominate DaringtoJess and MyMindSpeaksAloud and anyone who feels interested in doing the tag. 


Author: anewchapter

Someone who just wants to express her feelings

9 thoughts on “Why I Love Me Tag”

  1. Thank you so much for doing my tag, I’m so glad you enjoyed doing it! Being ambidextrous sounds so interesting! Would come in useful for when my hand gets tired when writing in exams haha!

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  2. I wish I were more independent but I’m like a dog! I have to follow people, I can’t lead, and I always feel like I’m doing something wrong so I let other people show me the way! I can only go into one shop alone, because I’ve been going there my entire life, but any other shop, I have to go with other people, and they have to buy my stuff for me because I’m too scared to! I want to change but once you’ve gotten yourself into a way of life, it’s very hard to adapt from that. I’m super curious too lol. I’m one of those people that, when they’re quiet, is usually thinking about all the mysteries of the world. In another lifetime, I’d love to be an explorer! Because there are so many mysteries. [I’m actually a direct ancestor to a famous explorer (Livingstone) so I suppose that’s where I get it from xD] I remember your original post on being ambidextrous. Yeah, I get confused about stuff still and sometimes use my left hand for things. I hold scissors and pens really weird too and then I get confused about the right way to hold them. Aaa… I overthink too, but that’s a bad thing for me, because I do it so much that it really affects my life and stops me from doing stuff I want to do! It also often prevents me from making friends. Yeah, no, I suck at talking to people. I end up just babbling about random stuff because I feel so awkward. MY HAIR TOO. NOW, THE QUESTION OF THE YEAR: WHO HAS LONGER HAIR?! P.S: There is plenty to complement you on. You’re attractive, smart, funny, easy to talk to, a brilliant blogger, an amazing friend, and your eyes are so dark I think I’m getting sucked into them, which is a good thing. I’m not that good at multi-tasking. It depends what it is, but I generally prefer to concentrate on one thing at a time. YES, you do have a good sense of humour! One of the things that makes you so great 😛 yay that’s good that you’re self-aware. xD Sorry for long comment but, uhm, I READ EVERY WORD. #longresponsesftw

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    1. Wow, I can tell that you read every word haha. I truly appreciate it. Independence comes with time. You can’t force it to happen, when there are circumstances in life where you have to do things by yourself, that’s the only choice unfortunately. But, don’t force yourself into it. Lia the Explorer! Wow I didn’t know that! Can I be your assistant? Yeah, ambidexterity can get confusing at times. Overthinking at times is bad for me as well, I think I’ve learned to realise it and be logical and freak out. No, YOU’RE A GREAT PERSON TO TALK TO! Next time we see each other, we need to compare hair lengths 😛 I must admit that I blushed reading that bit. I’m only attractive with eyeliner on, haha but thanks ❤ my multi-tasking skills tends to vary at times and thanks I love your sense of humour as well. Being self-aware is difficult but at times I'm good at it. Ahh, there you go. I replied to everything you said!

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